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OSCIOYOGA  is a unique, natural form of 300 Body Vibration Practices that was developed over a 20 years of R&D, by a Specialized group of scientists and medical practitioners. They created and  developed a subject called Body Management Science (BMS). 

The aim of this program is to help men of all ages, who are living a sedentary lifestyle. This course is suitable for men who are staying at home, who are willing to follow this online coaching towards a better health. 

This program is meant for men who are always leading a stressful life. It is designed in such away that they could learn and practice Oscioyoga at their own convenience at early morning around 10 AM every day during week days. All you need to do is to dedicate a 45 mins of your time to follow our online coaching daily.

 A trainer would be guiding you, via your 4G mobile phone. This online program is coached by professional Dynamic Oscioyoga trainers. 

It provides an individual with OSCIO fitness practice along with a comprehensive exercise form that can be completed at home or wherever one feel most comfortable.

The exercises and vibrations carried out in these program generates Whole Body Vibrations that improves blood and lymph circulationwhich are specifically very important for middle aged men.

A proper consistent practice of OSCIOYOGA contributes to the prevention of metabolic, Musculoskeletal, and degenerative disorders.OSCIOYOGA also vitalizes the muscular and nervous systems when practiced efficiently. 

The various forms of Gestures carried out in this program brings physio-therapeutic treatment to rehabilitate men who are not able to do rampant physical work out.

OSCIOYOGA practices are aimed at synthesizing your body's Physical, Mental and Emotional components of the body's physiological composition.

A balanced PME in you would provide the ideal conditions for your brain to perform and release the necessary hormones to regularize your energy centers. 

This creates a total body health for you by optimizing the functioning of all the 10 body systems, namely, respiratory, nervous, endocrine, lymphatic, digestive and other systems within.

The nature of OSCIOYOGA practices are such that they actually energize the practitioner, instead of depleting ones energy. The BMS class will put the person who are normally sleepy in the afternoon, into a person with an alert state of mind, enabling him to participate productively in his career.


This class is specially designed for man. This is because the biological composition and DNA make up of male differs from the female. Therefore, this class consists of exercise routines that can rapidly activate all organs and glands to release  optimally for a healthier body, mind and emotion. 

These classes will also help to revitalize, stimulate and rejuvenate your 'Ten Body Systems to make a healthier and younger YOU! 

We have a 20 year 'state of the art' technology and the know-hows to assure success, and our trained staff will help you attain this.


1. Working adults and students who need a workout routine that will keep them energized throughout the day.

2. Someone who is looking for a more effective regime that suits them.

3. Men who wants a more youthful younger internal health. 


Living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle has many benefits, both physically and mentally, and allows you to meet your full potential. Being the best possible version of yourself includes building up a level of fitness that will help you live well and set an example for those you care about.

Higher testosterone levels

Better quality of life

Lowers risk of some cancers

Lowers risk of cardiovascular disease

Lowers the risk of death from diabetes and other terminal              diseases like :-

            Cancer: Most cancers can either become terminal or be                diagnosed as such including breast cancer and lung cancer.

            Lukemia, AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)

            Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome.

            Heart Disease such as Severe Coronary Artery Disease.

            Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever.


30 Days Practical Coursework

– 5 days per week (Weekdays)

Per session is up to 45 to 60 MINUTES


The following place have their own center 
to practice OSCIOYOGA in groups.

Interested please contact them 
at the below address:-

(Velayuthampalayam Center): 


Tamil Nadu 639113, India  

Contact Number: +91 907008022  

(Karur Center): 

53, Ramakrishnapuram W, 


Karur, Tamil Nadu 639001, India 

Contact Number: +91 93674 62778

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